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Valentini Random Sketches 13/6/16 Valentini Random Sketches 13/6/16

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This was quite possibly the worst Newgrounds art of all time. To be honest the main point of submitting to this site is to get onto the frontpage but this seems like you didnt even try.
Complete Utter shit jesus fucking christ.

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Valentini responds:

Retard, this was solely just a sketch not an actual art piece maybe read the description and note the fact it was not submitted into the Art Portal.

Have fun with your stick animations though, with these stick animations you're definitely going to be making a living off of animation! Seriously, though give up you have no talent.

Bodyless jerk Bodyless jerk

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A couple of things;
I can see that you use microsoft paint. i have no problem with that, but there is comic/art software called FireAlpaca that you could use. It's a free download, and should surely boost the quality of your comics! Other than that, stay awesome!

WackyCarson responds:

Thank you so much but is that app for apple or only microsoft

oops i accidentally marked the comment abusive sorry